Port Dalhousie Tiller Wreck

The OMHC has been working over the last few months to reduce the risk of damage to the historically import site of the Tiller Wreck off the Port of Dalhousie. The location of the wreck is right on the border on the area used by freighters to park (moor) before entering the Welland Canal.

Image courtesy of Shark Marine

This side scan image taken by OMHC Member, Jim Garrington of Shark Marine Technologies should the anchor drag marks on the bottom of the lake.

Image courtesy of Shark Marine



Image courtesy of David Gilchrist

We are pleased to announce that after many emails and several meetings, The MHSTC Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTC) has given the endangered Tiller wreck a Borden number and has reached out to a contact at the Canadian Hydrographic Survey in order to see what else can be done.
This will help to increase its protection in the future.

The OMHC would like to thank Scarlett Janusas, Jim Garrington, David Gilchrist and Durrell Martin for their work on this project.

Each year the Niagara Divers’ Association (NDA) moors the wreck. For the complete story Click Here. Years later a new mooring block was added, Click Here for more details.

For other wreck sites in the area and their current mooring status, please check their site at Lake Erie (Eastern Basin) Mooring Project.

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