The 2024 Arthur Amos Marine Heritage Award

The Arthur Amos Marine Heritage Award

This award has been established to recognize the outstanding contributions made by Arthur Amos over the course of five decades of his pioneering work on marine archaeological sites in Ontario and beyond.

The award’s purpose is to support and reward the initiation or continuation of a significant project that advances our knowledge and understanding of Ontario’s maritime heritage through licensed archaeological fieldwork, or for exceptional work involving archival research or publication.

The Evaluation Committee is excited to announce that David Gilchrist is the recipient of the Marine Heritage Award for 2024.

For decades, timbers and or sections of shipwreck have, periodically, washed ashore at various locations along the shore of Lake Ontario, north west of Niagara on the Lake,Ontario. The area is rich in marine history with the location of three forts in close proximity and the Provincial Marine base once located at Navy Hall. The area was also the staging area of American forces when they attacked Fort George during the War of 1812.

David’s project is to determine if any marine related sites are located in the area between Fort Mississauga and Four Mile Point in Lake Ontario at Niagara on the Lake.

Goal of the Project are:

1) Background research
2) Magnetometer Survey
3) Side-scan Sonar Survey
4) Visual Confirmation

Team members: David Gilchrist, OMHC and Jim Garrington, Shark Marine and OMHC
David will be heading up this investigation as license holder and Jim Garrington will be affording his knowledge and background in the use of magnetometer and side scan surveys to conduct the first phase of this project.
It is hoped that other members of the OMHC will be able to assist with ground truthing any sites located during the initial survey.

David will be presenting more details at the Spring OMHC Meeting on Sunday April 28th.

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