The 2022 Arthur Amos Marine Heritage Award

Photo Credit: Pat Shea and Tom Brennan

The Arthur Amos Marine Heritage Award


This award has been established to recognize the outstanding contributions made by Arthur Amos over the course of five decades of his pioneering work on marine archaeological sites in Ontario and beyond.

The award’s purpose is to support and reward the initiation or continuation of a significant project that advances our knowledge and understanding of Ontario’s maritime heritage through licensed archaeological fieldwork, or for exceptional work involving archival research or publication.


The Evaluation Committee is excited to announce that Allanah Macdonald is the recipient of the Marine Heritage Award for 2022.

Allanah’s project will be to lead a small team of OMHC members to obtain a sample for C14 dating from the dugout canoe found in Salmon Trout Lake near Monteagle Valley, On

Goal of the Project are:

  • Relocate the canoe
  • Obtain a core sample to be radiocarbon dated and the species ID’d
  • Video or photo recording to create a photogrammetry model
  • IF dating comes back as precontact; then discussions with local Indigenous communities, the Canadian Canoe Museum, and the Canada Conservation Institute will advance for plans to preserve the canoe out of water
  • IF not; work with local Indigenous communities to insure that canoe is well preserved with in the lake

Allanah will be presenting more details at the Spring OMHC Meeting on Sunday April 24th.

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