Toward a Partnership for Maritime Archaeology in Canada

Toward a Partnership for Maritime Archaeology in Canada
Kimberly Monk and Lisa Sonnenberg

Panel Description:

This workshop is one of a series of connection events being held across the country to address the need for a cohesive structure for maritime archaeology. The practice of maritime archaeology – inclusive of submerged, coastal, and terrestrial marine-related sites – is fragmented in Canada, affected by limitations in funding, training opportunities, commercial development, and government regulation. By providing a forum for professionals and other stakeholders to discuss key issues, and through the process of formalizing local networks, we are addressing both national initiatives and regional priorities. Furthermore, with opening the discussion to the public, we wish to encourage their cooperation, share our collective knowledge, and remain transparent in our aims and objectives. To achieve the partnership objectives: improving research practice; promoting inclusiveness and engagement; and enabling education, innovation, and cooperation; we first need to address core local issues. By evaluating the current challenges across academia, government, industry, and community organizations, we can determine prospects for leveraging facilities, sharing resources, and building on current areas of strength. This workshop will focus on four regional topics (MoL diving regulations, indigenous consultation, archaeological consulting, and research) that are critical to supporting the practice of maritime archaeology within Ontario. The results from the discussion will set forth an initial agenda identifying local requirements and opportunities while contributing to a framework for building a national partnership.

Format Description: Afternoon session (1:00 – 4:30pm) Duration 3.5 hrs.

Invited Meeting (Participants/Stakeholders)

Invitees will be asked to submit a 1-page “archaeology” CV, in advance, to share with other members, listing education, marine archaeology training and experience.

In addition, a questionnaire will be circulated related to the current state of maritime archaeology in Ontario.

Open to General Audience (Attendees) during Part V Discussion of Regional Issues

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